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Meanings of our advertisements.

Learn More About US By Understanding Our Imagery & Advertising

You may have one of Aurora Investing's cards and wondering about the symbolism on the card. Each card is carefully thought out. The first card is the card we give to people seeking a wholesaler to help them with the sale of a difficult property. The second is the card we give to Investors seeking to start or expand a portfolio of positive cash flow properties.

The symbolism on these cards is important. First the name of the Company is Aurora Investing, Aurora being the Greek goddess of the dawn. The dawn represents a new light, the trees are the forest in which our client is trying to find their way out of. Our goal is to lead a client from the forest into a new light.

For the real estate investor the symbolism on this card should be apparent. Silver OPM bullion supporting their investments, houses and hotels or apartments and the Million Dollar Goal. This is usually an early goal either in holdings or cash flow for the investor. The marble background is intended to represent the rock solid foundation on which all is built.
The name of our company and our advertisements are meant to do more then just tell a potential client who we are. They are designed to show both sides of our business and that we understand the game of real estate. We understand the needs of both the seller and the investor. We also invest ourselves in real estate. We have worked in all 4 quadrants and currently hold positions in paper assets, hard assets and real estate. We still work from both the S and B quadrants to expand the investments we have in the I quadrant.

If you don't know what the cash flow quadrants are then I highly recommend the book Rich Dads, Cash Flow Quadrant by Business and Real Estate Mogul Robert Kiyosaki.

Though we don't do investment counseling per say, we are more than happy to discuss your needs when it comes to expanding your real estate portfolio. This way we can better understand you and where you want to take your real estate portfolio, allowing us to better serve you as a client.
While the Million Dollar Bill was never in circulation as a US Currency there were million dollar platinum certificates. The million dollar bill has many rumors and questions that surround it. In the end however it is more representative of a desire to have 1 million dollars. Therefore it is more a symbol and visualization of a goal.

I own the gold plated million dollar collectors note seen above. While not overly valuable it to me represents the visualization of the 1 Million dollar goal. Click on the note to see what the US Treasury has to say about the 1 million dollar note.